Task 5

Task 5
Among so many cultural aspects Starbucks has changed in our society, we have the 'giving your name to your coffee' issue.
How many times have you gone to this coffee sanctuary, they ask for your name, they write it on your coffee cup with a smiley and you notice the person at the counter wrote something that sounds like your name; but just isn't.
And the stakes of this happening increase the less common your name is.
1. Listen to 'Coffee aliases' and work on the following:
a. Make a list of all the words related to (Starbucks) coffee.
b. Why does she use the alias 'Sheila' when she goes for her coffee?
c. Who else uses an alias in Starbucks? (from the listening)
d. Do you think Shefali's mom had to do something with her decision of giving an alias? Explain your opinion.
e. During the interview Shefali says the following:
they definitely had all these American names - like Tom and Sue and Joe - and I noticed the people that were waiting for the drinks didn't really - I mean, maybe this is totally racial profiling. But they came across as not Toms or Sues or Joes.
What does she mean by 'maybe this is totally racial profiling'?

2. Have you, or someone you know, had the name changed on a Starbucks' coffee cup? Write about it.