Task 4

Mexican Journalists Flee Drug War, Seek Asylum

This next assignment's topic has become one of the most discussed problems in our country; so I'm sure that by now you have an opinion on the subject.

Thus before you listen, please answer the following questions.
-Do you keep up with the news regarding drug dealing issues going on in Mexico? Why?

-If you are informed, where do you get the news from? If you aren't well informed, you probably get at least a glimpse of the news, right? Where do you get it from?

-¿Do you think the information we get from the news is enough, or would you like to be more informed? Why?

-What do you know about the journalists that have been covering these news?

Go to the following link and listen to the report. There is an attachment on the 'File' menu with the audioscript in case you want to read it as you listen. *the audioscript does not have apostrophes, so…an apology for that.
You may not get to the page directly, so on the 'search NPR.org' menu, copy/paste the title of the article: Mexican Journalists Flee Drug War, Seek Asylum


While you're listening work on the following tasks; you may want to listen more than once.
-Name the decisions journalists have made in terms of reporting the drug war in Mexico, in order to protect their own lifes and families.

-Name who threatened Mr. Aguirre.

- The report mentions several cases of journalists who are at risk due to what they have published. Give one example (no copy/paste please)

After you've listened. Give your personal opinion. The following questions might help, so you may or may not use them.

How big do you think this problem is going to become?
Do you think giving asylum to journalists is the solution?
What other solutions can you suggest?