Task 1 Stereotyping

Welcome to your first task.
You will listen to a story told by Sarah Jones; who reflects on morals, racial stereotyping and the perils of West Coast jaywalking.

Before you start listening to the story, make sure you understand what 'jaywalking' means -and morals and racial stereotyping :) -

Anyway…here are the main points you will have to work with and send through this lovely wiki:

1. What does she do for a living?
She is a solo performer.

2. Who offers her a job and where?
MTV at LA.

3. Name the type of impersonations she makes during her story.
She made an old woman and Indian, British woman and Afro-American woman.

4. Why did the police officers stop her and her friend?
Because they were jaywalking and they look like prostitutes.

5. What accent did she use to talk with the police officers? Why?
With a British accent, because it has an impact in some people and the police officers get really nervous when she started to speak with that accent.

6. Did she take the job? Why?
No, because she was going to play a prostitutes with multiple personalities.

7. What kind of people has she been able to meet throughout her career?
Woopy Goldberg, Tracy and Meryl

8. Do you think she made the right decision? Write a 50 word paragraph giving your opinion.
I think it was a right decision because it isn´t gratifying that your first job in television it’s like a prostitute and the people remember you like that. And considering that the say before some police officers stop her because they were thinking she was a prostitute doing jaywalking.

Sarah Jones_ A Walk